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Our Germany Office Located in Hamburg is available to locate any spare parts from European OEM producers with shipment to the Americas.

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Taking a look at the Classic Solution

Due to the in­creas­ing us­age of sec­ond­ary fu­els, which are rel­a­tive­ly in­ho­mo­ge­neous, there are more fluc­tu­a­tions in the burn­ing pro­cess. This leads to an in­creas­ed bur­den on the re­frac­to­ry and the kiln shell—hot spots may oc­cur. In or­der to re­duce this bur­den, large cooling fans, which blow am­bi­ent air, are wide­ly used.

Aircooling using fans has significant disadvantages:

  • Due to the low heat capacity of air a huge throughput is needed
  • The consumption of electrical energy is high
  • The cooling cannot be targeted specifically to a hot spot on a circumference
  • Fans emit a substantial amount of noise

Efficiency by Water Mist Cooling

To overcome these dis­ad­van­tages KIMA‘s KILNCOOLER uses water­spray noz­zles and pre­cise dosing valves, which are con­trolled by an in­fra­red tem­per­a­ture sensor. The water­spray of an in­di­vid­u­al noz­zle is onlyactivated while its in­fra­red sen­sor de­tects a hot spot.

The waterspray cooling is efficient and “on the spot”.

  • Efficient cooling
  • Flexible usage for hot spots and complete kilns
  • Ready-to-use modules
  • Easy installation or relocation
  • Targeted cooling on kiln‘s circumference
  • Low noise emission

On-Site Services

Optimization of plants and processes
Research and failure analysis
Planning of integral concepts and logistics
Inspection and verification of the refractory conditions
Kiln maintenance
Ovality measurement for rotary kilns
Inspection and measurement of de-dusting systems
Thermal studies in kiln and precalciner
Mills circuit inspection

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